Business Opportunity

So you're probably wondering...what do I do? How am I driving a Lamborghini in my 20s?!


I sell --> Makeup • Skincare • Health Products


I set my own hours

I work where I want

I make what I want


Here's how it works:

  • Buy the starter kit ($35) or $64 kit. ($64 kit recommended) Both come with your own website.

  • Share the products on social media. You will have me as your mentor!

  • NO monthly fees, NO yearly fees, NO inventory required, NO website fee.

  • The only thing you need to do is sell $125 every three months (to keep your website active). That's it! 


Here's what you have to look forward to:

Work from home

Work From Your Phone Wherever You Want 

Incentive Trips

Earn Yearly Incentive Trips 

Makeup Rewards

Earn Free Makeup Products (AKA never pay for makeup again)

Car Bonus

Earn Monthly Car Cash Bonus

Cash Bonuses

Earn Monthly Cash Bonuses (On top of car bonus)

Surrounded with like minded women

Get Paid 3 Hours After Every Sale!

Recognition for your hard work

Awards And Recognition For Your Hard Work

Mentoring With me

Have Me As Your Mentor To Guide You

Start your new makeup business

Have A Team Of Business Women To Back You Up

 What are you waiting for?


Are you ready? Let's DO THIS!

 Join Here 

  Please send me a private message HERE as soon as you join! I will add you to our team group and help you get started.