Cyber Monday Deals You Don't wanna miss!

1. Lil Lashes Magnetic Eyelashes 

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35% off with code + buy 3 get a magnetic eyeliner FREE! 

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2. L'ange Hair Care and Tools

Lange hair care and tools

60% off hair care, 40% tools and select tools just $19.95!

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3. Banana Whitening Kits

Banana Whitening Kits

Get any whitening kit for just $79 (Org. $229) and sonic toothbrushes for just $89!

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4. Luxy Massage Gun

Luxy Massage Gun

Get the Luxy Massage gun with 13 attachments included for just $89 (Org. 228).

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5. Goli Health Gummies

40% off site wide!

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6. Fancii Mirrors and more

Fancii Mirrors

35% off plus get a free gift with any purchase! No code needed.

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7. Sparkl Bands and Accessories

Sparkl Bands

25% off site wide with discount code! (They never have sales!)

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8. Bombshell Beads

Bombshell beads

30% Beads AND luxury jewelry! (Another rare sale!)

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9. Yu Collagen and TrimFit

Yu Collagen

20% off Collagen and TrimFit bundles!

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